Deputy Director, Waste and Resource Management Department, National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore Government


黃澤發 Ron Wong Chak Huat

Biography / 自傳

  Ron is the Deputy Director, Waste & Resource Management Department (WRMD) of the NEA. The Department is responsible for the development and regulation of an integrated, efficient and sustainable waste to resource management system in Singapore.

  Ron was appointed Deputy Director (Planning & Development) of the WRMD on 1 Apr 2015. He is responsible to oversee the development of long-term waste management plans and strategies, and drive new initiatives and polices for a sustainable waste management system in Singapore.

  Ron started his career as an engineer with the then Ministry of Environment in 1998. He initially involved in the operation and maintenance of Singapores first waste-to-energy plant, Ulu Pandan Refuse Incineration Plant. In his 19 years of service, he took on various tasks within the department. Ron was one of the engineers involved in the privatisation of the waste-to-energy incineration industry under the Design-Build-Own-Operate (DBOO) scheme and the successful divestment of Senoko Waste-to-Energy Plant. He had set up the regulatory framework for the regulation and development of the Incineration Plant industry. Ron was later involved in the initial concept study of co-locating an Integrated Waste Management Facility with a Water treatment facility.